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--- Greek names that start with the letter : F ---
NameDate     Month      iconbio
FABIANOS (Favianos)20January  
FAEINI (Faeini)18May  
FAETHON (Faethon)0not known  
FAIDIMOS (Faidimos)0not known  
FAIDON (Faidon)6January click for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FAISTIOS (Faistios)0not known  
FAISTOS (Faistos)21April  
FALARIS (Falaris)0not known  
FALEAS (Faleas)0not known  
FANI (1) (Phani, Fenia, Fania, Fanoula)6January  
FANI (2) (Phani, Fenia, Fania, Fanoula)12March  
FANIAS (Fanias)0not known  
FANODIKOS (Fanodikos)0not known  
FANOKLIS (Fanoklis)0not known  
FANOSTRATI (Fanostrati)0not known  
FANOURIOS (Phanourios)27Augustclick for the saint's iconclick for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FATHER'S DAY (*) (Father's day)16June click for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FEDRA (Phaedra)29November  
FEDROS (Phaedros)29November  
FEIDIAS (Feidias, Phidias)0not known  
FEIDON (Feidon)0not known  
FELIX (1) (Felix)17June  
FELIX (2) (Felix)19October  
FEREKYDIS (Ferekydis)0not known  
FERESYDI (Feresydi)0not known  
FEROUSA (Ferousa)0not known  
FEVRONIA (Phevronia)25June  
FILAINIS (Filainis)0not known  
FILAKAS (Filakas, Fylakas)30August click for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FILEFS (Filefs)0not known  
FILETAIROS (Filetairos)30December  
FILIKITA (Filikitati, Filikita, Filikiti)1February  
FILINOS (Filinos)0not known  
FILISKOS (Filiskos)0not known  
FILISTOS (Filistos)0not known  
FILITAS (Filitas, Filiti)27March  
FILLIS (Fillis)0not known  
FILODIMOS (Filodimos)0not known  
FILOKRATIS (Filokratis)0not known  
FILOKTIMON (Filoktimon, Philoktimon)9March  
FILOKTITIS (Filoktitis)0not known  
FILOLAOS (Filolaos)0not known  
FILOMILA (Filomila)0not known  
FILON (Philon)24January  
FILOPONOS (Filoponos)0not known  
FILOSOFOS (Filosofos)1May  
FILOSTRATOS (Filostratos)0not known  
FILOTAS (Filotas)0not known  
FILOTERA (Filotera)0not known  
FILOTHEI (Philothei)19February  
FILOUMENI (Philoumenee, Filomeni)29November  
FILOUMENOS (Philoumenos, Filomenos)29November  
FILOXENOS (Filoxenos)0not known  
FIMIOS (Fimios)0not known  
FIMONOI (Fimonoi)0not known  
FINEFS (Finefs, Fineas)0not known  
FINTIAS (Fintias, Findias)0not known  
FINTYS (Fintys, Findys)0not known  
FLORENTIA (Florentia, Florence, Dia)13October  
FLORENTIOS (Florentios)13October  
FLOROS (1) (Floros, Flora)18August  
FLOROS (2) (Floros, Flora)18December  
FOINIX (Foinix, Phoenix)0not known  
FOKION (Fokion, Fokos)10Aprilclick for the saint's iconclick for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FOKYLIDIS (Fokylidis)0not known  
FORMION (Formion)0not known  
FOTIKA (Fotika, Photika, Fotiko, Photiko, Fota, Photo)6January  
FOTILAS (Fotilas)0not known  
FRANGISKOS (Frances)0not known  
FREIDERIKI (Freideriki, Frederiki, Frideriki)31July  
FREIDERIKOS (Freiderikos, Frederic, Frederich, Friderikos)31Julyclick for the saint's iconclick for the saint's icon and bio (at the moment only in Greek)
FRIXOS (Frixos)0not known  
FRONTIDAS (Frontidas, Frondidas)0not known  
FRONTIS (Frontis, Frondis)0not known  
FRYNI (Fryni)0not known  
FRYNIHOS (Frynihos)0not known  
FTHIA (Fthia)0not known  
FYLARHOS (Fylarhos)0not known  
FYLEFS (Fylefs, Fileas)0not known  
FYLLIS (Fyllis)0not known  
FYLO (Fylo)0not known  
FYRSI (Fyrsi)0not known  
total 82

where (*) = nameday that has a different celebration date each year

According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or Martyr. When someone is named after one of those saints, that day becomes their "name day" and, traditionally, is celebrated.

The present Greek name day portal includes more than 750 Greek first names with known name day and 1000 Greek names with non established and thus unknown name day. Please comment using our contact form.

We are investigating the fact of expanding our site to also include name days from other Orthodox Churches except the Greek one. This task is difficult since the name day of a name must belong to a saint or martyr of the Orthodox religion and at the moment we only know the Saints of the Greek Church. Thus we wish to locate people from other Orthodox Churches (ie Russian, Romanian, Armenian etc) that do know details of established (canonised) Orthodox saints in order to incorporate them to a Pan-Orthodox Synaxarium.

Please note that all Saints that were established (canonised) as Saints before the year 1054 AD are common Saints between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Christianity since in 1054 AD there was the scism in Christianity. From then on the paths are different and the same unfortunate ending applies to the saints as well. For more information on Orthodox Saints please click here.

In a separate file, we have also included the known International Days ie Mother's day, Father's day etc.

We hope that you will enjoy our site as much as we have !!!


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